What We Do

John Gandy’s school counselor provides the following services for third through fifth grade students:

  • Instruction delivered through classroom lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling addressing academic, career, and social/emotional development.
  • Appraisal and advisement using student data.
  • Counseling that is short-term, promotes social/emotional and/or academic development, and can be preventative or responsive.
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, and the overall community.


Mrs. Crockett is proud to be a Gandy Tiger and member of House Huruma. Mrs. Crockett is the full-time counselor and can be reached at (804) 365-4643. 
House Huruma CrestMrs. Crockett

Classroom Instruction Lessons

Mrs. Crockett, our school counselor, leads lessons in all 3–5 classrooms to support our academic program goals. Classroom instruction lessons throughout the year are based on categories that fall under the three counseling domains:  

  • Academic Skills
  • Personal-Social Skills
  • Career Awareness

Group Counseling

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Mrs. Crockett accepts referrals for students who would benefit from participation in small group counseling experiences. Small groups focus on skills including friendship, study skills, divorce/separation, grief/loss, and anger management. We offer additional topics throughout the year based on students’ needs. The benefit of group counseling is that it provides an opportunity for children to meet other children who are experiencing concerns similar to their own. Sometimes, just knowing they are not alone means a lot.  

Individual Counseling

Call us at (804) 365-4643 to discuss your concerns. If it seems appropriate, we can schedule a time each week for your child to meet with me for individual counseling. The school counselor typically provides 4–6 weeks of counseling sessions. 


An important part of the school counselor's role is consultation. A counselor may consult with parents, faculty, other school staff, and community agencies in order to best meet the individual needs of all students.

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